IPSY Glam Bag Review: June 2017

        It’s that time of the month…you know…when you get your…IPSY GLAM BAG!!!! Woot woot!!! That shiny magenta bubble wrap packaging sends me over the moon with excitement – it’s like a childhood memory but with a totally posh twist thanks to the colour and shininess of it. Am I the only one that gets so excited to see what’s in my bag even though I’ve already checked what’s in it on the 6th of every month? Yes, I may or may not have it in my mental calendar to check Ipsy every 6th of the month like clockwork. Awkward. Well, on to the review I suppose!


The bag: 7/10

        This bag was not cutting it for me this week. Maybe it’s the fact that the teeth are all morphed together between the parted lips, but it just seemed so…awkward. Is it supposed to look retro? like a comic book? minimal? classy? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Like c’mon Ipsy, I’m finishing school this month – I want something that gets me pumped af, not confused and underwhelmed like a puppy that thinks they’re going for a walk but only really gets walked to the mailbox and back. Last month’s bag was amazing though, so it’ll just get rid of this on and put June’s products in May’s bag.


Product 1: 9/10

City Colour Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow in Beach Cottage

        Green eyeshadow? Not really sure how to use that. Does it give me crazy festival vibes that I’m totally ready to rock at Bluesfest this summer? HECK YES. I’m so excited to test out new makeup looks with this colour. It’s this super vibrant shamrock/parakeet green with gorgeous gold reflective iridescence to it. Also….holy pigment. I got so excited when I swatched it with my finger. I can’t even imagine the color payoff you’d get using a damp brush with this shadow. If you’re gonna use a color like this, it has got to pack a punch, and boy does this shadow ever do that. Love!!


Product 2: 7.5/10

NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé in Pink Cloud

        This is the cutest, softest, delicate light coral pink I have ever seen. Despite the fact that the shade is “coral”, it had a cool toned vibe to me. it  For a formula I thought would apply very sheerly, it has pleasantly surprised me to be on the more medium-coverage side (depending on how much you blend it out). It definitely is not a long-wearing colour, so will have to apply it to your lips quite often. The applicator does apply a great amount of product to the lips, but a bit too much to the cheeks. I recommend applying the product to the lips, patting it with your finger, and using what’s left over on your cheeks. Then, you can slowly start to build the opacity from there. This color is perfect for an everyday makeup look, and I have recently been really digging monochromatic makeup, which this is perfect for. It has this velvety texture and smells so good. The smell is almost exact to their soft matte lip cremes. On that note though, I’m not sure how my acne-prone skin will react to having this on my cheeks if the formula is close to the lip cremes.


Product 3: 7/10

PÜR Minerals Fully Charged Mascara

        Mascara powered by magnetic technology? Kinda freaks me out. Not sure if I’m cool with having “magnets” or whatever near or possibly in my eyes. I couldn’t find the name of the shade, but it is jet black to me. Having blonde coloured hair, the black is a little intense, but it does apply more lengthening than volumizing so it isn’t too harsh or gothic looking. It fans out and separates my lashes really well, and applies to bottom lashes without and clumping too. Major plus. I just need to get over the fact that the mascara uses magnetic technology…..


Product 4: 8/10

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in M-10 Matte Black

        I’m gonna start off by saying that this eyeliner has an amazing formula. It’s super creamy and intense but won’t budge because it’s waterproof. I’m really happy that I got a waterproof eyeliner from Ipsy now that we are going into the summer seasons. What I’m not too happy about, is that this is my 5th black eyeliner that I have gotten from Ipsy. “Adventurous” shades where are you at??? I don’t blame the company because they can’t keep track of what shades of eyeliners you have gotten in the past months and all, so I’m just going to uncheck that eyeliner box until I run out of black eyeliners. I’m super excited about this product though because it is so great from past experience and I’d definietly recommend this product (it comes in 20 shades!!).


Product 5: 9/10

St. Tropez Everday Tinted Body Lotion

        This is the first self fake-tanning lotion I have ever used, so I am not too sure if my opinion qualifies as an accountable opinion….but let me just say that this self-tanner is AMAZING! Being on accutane for 10 months I have pretty much turned into Casper the ghost, so I was in big need of some colour. Other than the weird fake tan smell that I am obviously not used to, it gave me an instant healthy glow. After 48 hours the tan developed into this gorgeous tan – people were mentioning how I looked tanner, but no one ever questioned if it was a fake tan  (phew!). It gave warmth to my skin with zero traces of orange. Applying this product to my back was on the hard side, but this formula is so easy to use and doesn’t streak. I highly recommend this for anyone that doesn’t want to tan, burns easily, or just wants to intensify their natural tan even more!

        Despite the fact that this month’s bag was somewhere between and hit and a miss for me, I have been subscribed to Ipsy for around a year now and have never had any problems with the company. I really recommend subscribing to Ipsy if you want to build your makeup collection or want to start testing out different makeup before buying the entire regular-sized product. Let me know what you got in your Ipsy June glam bag and how long you’ve been subscribed to Ipsy!


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